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With More Than 25 Years Of Experience, Palace Party Rental Is Los Angeles’s Leading Full Service Event Rental Company. From Luxury Dining Tables To Tents & Canopies, Palace Party Rental Provides Event Planners With Everything From Glossy Dance Floors, Dining Chairs, Charger Plates, Linens To Drapery And Custom Tents.
No Matter What Your Event Is, Palace Party Rental Is There To Help. From Mitzvahs To Weddings To Birthday Parties, We Take It Upon Ourselves To Create An Amazing Event For You. We Look Forward To Becoming Your Event Partner To Help You Plan Your Special Event That’s Everything You Want It To Be.


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Call Us Today To Schedule An Appointment In Our Luxury Showroom. We Have Custom Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Charger Plates, Linens And Much More Available To View. Our Showroom And Warehouse Is Located Between Downtown L.A And Glendale. Our Friendly Staff Will Be Happy To Give You A Tour.


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